5 Ways Dentists Can Work Better with Office Managers

September 21, 2016

Dentists, how much do you know about the daily challenges that your front office faces? Believe it or not, your team probably doesn’t tell you everything! Here at Lighthouse, we talk with office managers every day to build features and solutions for the biggest problems facing dental staff.  In doing so, we have learned what office managers don’t always feel comfortable telling their dentists face to face.

Here are the top 5 challenges that office managers and staff deal with weekly - and how YOU can address them.


#1 “I wish that I got more thorough and frequent reviews. It’s hard to know whether or not I’m doing my job effectively without feedback from my dentist."

Regular performance reviews aren’t just to tell your staff what they’re doing right or wrong – it also lets them know that you’re paying attention.


#2 “Just like dentistry, there are a million and one certifications and trainings you can take to become the best in your field. I’d like my dentist to send me to conferences and trainings so that I can improve my skill set."

Investing in your office managers education shows them that their professional development is important to you. It also keeps them informed and educated in the skills and innovations that are the latest in the industry.


#3 “I can’t do all of this on my own – we either need better resources or more staff!"

According to our recent survey, responsibilities for the office manager has significantly increased, while resources have not. The fact is, things are getting harder to manage.

Whether it’s investing in a smart patient communication system or adding another staff member, you can help your office manager deal with the increasing workload by equipping them with the right resources. Plus, training on automation software, provides new skill sets and professional development for your team  – a win win.


#4 “This is a hard job. Every now and then, some appreciation in the little things I do to go above and beyond – or a compliment or two – would go a long way."

Nobody has an easy job in a dental practice, but sometimes an office manager can feel a little unappreciated. On top of the job that they’re required to do, office managers go the extra mile to keep things running smoothly.


#5: “Sometimes, there just isn’t enough time in the day to get through all my tasks. I wish we’d invest in better software for me and my team.”


If your patient communication software is outdated – or nonexistent – your office managers day to day could be ten times more difficult than it needs to be. Consider a patient communication system packed with automation features.


Grievances aside, office managers and dentists have a mutual respect for each other that allows them to keep their practice running smoothly and successfully. Just make sure you’re holding up **your end of the bargain!


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