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Videos from lighthousepmg's Wistia project

  • Mental Hygiene1:38:16

    Mental Hygiene

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  • Culture of Accountability Webinar54:31

    Culture of Accountability Webinar

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  • Lighthouse Campaign Studio Workshop Video27:16

    Lighthouse Campaign Studio Workshop Video

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  • Total Career Satisfaction1:37:24

    Total Career Satisfaction

    Wanna go from surviving to thriving? In this class learn techniques to break past your internal barriers, grow your confidence, and reach your full career potential!

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  • Spring Cleaning - Infection Control Intensive1:38:45

    Spring Cleaning - Infection Control Intensive

    It’s been a year since Coronavirus shut us down. Where do we go from here? Brandi Hooker Evans of Stellar Outcomes shares proven tips on how to apply quality infection control in daily practice!

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  • How to Love THAT Patient1:20:18

    How to Love THAT Patient

    Are you feeling at a loss when dealing with difficult patients? In this workshop Brandi Hooker Evans of Stellar Outcomes provides a roadmap for dealing with the uniquely challenging. Learn proven tips

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  • Brushing Up Old Pearls1:22:03

    Brushing Up Old Pearls

    You know all that stuff that you learned in school, and should know, but FREEZE up on because you learned about it 100 years ago? Watch this class hosted by Brandi Hooker Evans RDH-ER and find out if

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  • Coming Out On Top1:34:26

    Coming Out On Top

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  • Coming Out On Top1:42:50

    Coming Out On Top

    Your success in this ever changing dental environment today depends on your ability to rise above the drama and come out on top! Learn simple organization strategies to increase treatment acceptance

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  • Harness the Power of Online Reviews1:18:11

    Harness the Power of Online Reviews

    Patients rely on online resources nearly 2x more than word of mouth! Changes in consumer behavior and increased online search due to COVID-19 make your online reputation more important than ever befo

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  • Staffing Through COVID-191:16:35

    Staffing Through COVID-19

    How do you best navigate staffing through COVID-19 changes? In this 1 hour workshop you’ll learn: • How to Do More with Less People • Designing the Right Office Culture to Attract the Right People •

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  • Maximizing Patient Connection31:58

    Maximizing Patient Connection

    Maximize your time for maximum connection. Feeling overwhelmed by the need to run your hygiene schedule and connect with your patients that are missing from the practice due to the pandemic? These ti

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  • COVID-19 Impact on Gen Z1:08:43

    COVID-19 Impact on Gen Z

    Gen Z makes up more than 40% of U.S consumers. Lisa Copeland RDH discusses the impact of COVID-19 on their decision making, and shares strategies for attracting and retaining Gen Z patients and employ

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  • Brilliant at the Basics_ A Fresh Look at Core Processes1:07:56

    Brilliant at the Basics_ A Fresh Look at Core Processes

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  • Navigating Your Dental Practice Through COVID-191:26:34

    Navigating Your Dental Practice Through COVID-19

    Dr. Leslie Pasco shares her 5 steps to success in dentistry, with a twist on managing your practice through the COVID-19 crisis. Learn about actionable measures you can take right now to boost short-t

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  • Building (and Maintaining) Patient Connection in a Post-COVID World1:14:52

    Building (and Maintaining) Patient Connection in a Post-COVID World

    Watch this interactive virtual training with Genevieve Poppe from Poppe Practice Management! Genevieve brings a unique perspective and real-world experience in all aspects of dentistry. Her presentati

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  • Create Your Virtual Waiting Room (May 2020)30:20

    Create Your Virtual Waiting Room (May 2020)

    As you plan to reopen your practice, Lighthouse 360 is committed to providing your practice with resources to help keep your team and your patients safe. The goal of the Virtual Waiting Room is to re

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