How Postcards Became The Most Profitable Marketing Method for Dentists

December 15, 2016 Brian Becker

In the early-to-mid 2000s, dentists began realizing how powerful email marketing could be for their business. It was a cost-effective and time-effective method of delivering their practice's messaging directly to their patients, and dentists who hopped on this trend saw huge increases in recall, retention, and a reduction in no-shows.

Nowadays, email isn't quite the golden ticket it used to be. Most people have thousands of unread emails cluttering their inbox – and sophisticated filtering algorithms built in to Outlook or Gmail might send your carefully-written message straight to the trash.

In our past year of Lighthouse customer analysis, we've identified a surprising new trend in the dental practices that has increased recall, appointment completion, and reactivation: postcards. That's right – after a cultural shift in the way we communicate with each other, postcards have become the new e-mail.

Hard to believe? Take a look at these stats, and judge for yourself:

  • Our dental customers that send recall postcards see an average lift of 8.1% for patients booking recall appointments compared to customers who do not. 
  • Our dental customers that send recall postcards have an average increase of 22 more recall appointments each month than customers who do not.
  • Our dental customers that send long-term appointment reminder postcards have an appointment completion date 5.6% higher than those who do not…that’s an average of 18 fewer missed appointments per month!

So what's the next breakthrough for 2017?

Some savvy practices have been leveraging postcards to automatically send to new home owners in their area. This example of marketing creativity is a great reminder that there are always new ways to increase the profitability of your practice

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