3 Surprising Reasons Patient Loyalty Comes Down to Your Patient Communication Software

September 1, 2016 Paul Mauer

Every good dentist recognizes the importance of patient satisfaction. After all, keeping patients happy means that they're more likely to come back to your practice for additional treatments – and maybe even recommend their friends or coworkers. But what steps can you take to maximize patient loyalty? Surprisingly, the key to putting patient loyalty in your own hands is in your patient communication software.

1) Keeping Track of Patients

For dentists, a patients dental care is one of the most important aspect of their lives. For patients, it's often just an inconvenient day out of any given month.

Patients appreciate appointment and treatment reminders that let them know when their last treatment was. Not only does it remove the burden of having to keep track of their dental health all alone, it's also a feel-good experience to know that your local dental practice is looking out for your wellbeing. With that said, the more personalized your appointment reminders and treatment reminders can be, the better!

2) Patient Loyalty Breeds Patient Loyalty 

Do you know the biggest difference between satisfied patients and loyal patients? 

Satisfied patients have had a nice experience with your practice and are likely to come back. Loyal patients are have had a nice experience with your practice and are likely to come back... and tell their friends and family about your practice. This is the real power of patient loyalty – and it's easier than you'd think to take advantage of with a powerful patient communication software.

If you're delivering excellent care to patients, have automated communications roll out after every appointment encouraging your patients to leave online reviews. A loyal patient will happily post a glowing recommendation – and often share their review on their personal Facebook account, exposing your practice to a wealth of local prospects you couldn't have reached before.

3) Wow them with the little things

These days, your patients have a lot of options when it comes to choosing their go-to dental practice. You have to be a cut above the rest to stand out – and stick around. The "little things" that show your patient you care about them as an individual can go a long way to increase patient loyalty. 

Consider sending birthday and holiday notes (perhaps even including a discount or offer). Ask your patients what their preferred method of communication is – text, email, or calls – and set the majority of your messages to that channel. 

And when you've pushed your communications to the limit, don't forget the old fashioned tricks: treats on the front desk, interesting magazines, and a nice TV in the waiting room!

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