Why You Should Choose a Provider Who Understands Dentistry

February 28, 2020 Karen Axelton

lighthouse 360

When you’re evaluating vendors for your dental practice, should you settle for a patient communication solution provider that considers dental solutions an “add-on” to their existing business?

Maybe your scheduling software offers texting as a secondary tool. Perhaps you’re considering a solution designed for general medical or business needs. These might seem like perfectly fine options—but don’t you want your patients’ experience to be more than just “fine”?

As the world of dentistry undergoes transformation, attracting and retaining patients in today’s competitive dental environment requires a higher standard than ever for the patient experience. Choosing solutions designed for dental professionals, by dental professionals can make all the difference in the quality of service you provide to your patients.

For instance, Lighthouse 360 was developed in a real dental practice. One of the founders was the office manager for his wife’s dental office and used her practice as a laboratory to design software that solved real, day-to-day practice needs.

What to expect from a patient communications solution

What can you expect when you choose a patient communications solution that’s dental-focused? Here are some of the benefits.

Dental-specific features

At Lighthouse 360, we don’t offer “one-size-fits-all” features that loosely fit any industry. Instead, we’ve built and optimized tools specifically for the dental industry. Some of those dental-specific features include:

  • Recall System: Over the years, we’ve refined a strategic series of communications to be highly effective at bringing patients back on time for their next appointment. You can customize messages by appointment type based on your practice preferences and each patient’s unique recall frequency.
  • Automated Treatment Plan Reminders: Lighthouse 360 makes it easy to send patients special messaging with instructions for pre-medication, sedation or post-surgical care. Customize messages to their desired communication channel, whether that’s email, phone, text or mail.
  • Fill-In: Cancelled appointments cost your practice money and waste valuable time you could spend treating other patients. Fill-in, a new feature from Lighthouse 360, automatically detects last-minute cancellations and then finds a patient to fill the empty slot.

Lighthouse 360 also offers many other dental-specific features, such as automated appointment confirmations, automated reviews solicitation, paperless patient registration, two-way texting and more.

Dental expertise on-staff

When you need to contact your patient communications solution provider for assistance, you’ll feel more confident if you know they truly understand your practice’s needs. Many Lighthouse 360 employees (especially on our Customer Support team) have worked in dental practices; others previously worked at other dental software companies.

Between our Support, Product, Sales and Marketing teams, Lighthouse 360 has over 100 years of dental industry experience. Our recent acquisition by Henry Schein One makes us part of the largest dental software company in the world. Our deep dental industry expertise sets our employees up to truly partner with clients, understand their challenges and provide them with appropriate support.

Delivering value to dental practices

That dental-centric approach helps Lighthouse 360 deliver on some very dental-specific metrics. According to a survey of our clients, on average, Lighthouse 360 helps them:

  • Shorten recall time by 41%
  • Save 16 hours of front desk time per week
  • Improve case acceptance by 16%
  • Improve dormant patient reactivation by 25%
  • Increase production by 30%

When you choose a solution provider that understands dentistry, you can feel confident you’re using a tool that was developed for one purpose: making your dental practice more successful.



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