What Should You Put in Your Email Newsletter? Try These 10 Ideas

May 20, 2019 Karen Axelton

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Are you missing out on the marketing potential of email newsletters because you’re not sure what kind of content to include? You’re not alone. Many dentists struggle to come up with ideas to keep their email newsletters interesting and entertaining. (After all, you’re a dentist, not a magazine editor!) Fortunately, creating attention-getting email newsletters is easier than you think.

Email newsletters are valuable tools to build relationships and keep your practice top-of-mind with patients. More than 90% of people over the age of 15 use email and the majority check it every day. To stand out from the clutter in your patients’ email inboxes, focus on delivering information that’s useful and interesting for your patients. The most popular types of emails people like to get from businesses are:

  • Product/company updates (69%)
  • Promotions (69%)
  • Event invitations (65%)

Here are 10 ideas to inspire your email newsletter:

  1. Blog based: Do you have a blog on your website? If so, you’ve got plenty of great content for your newsletter. Excerpt some of our blog posts in the newsletter and then include a link to the full blog post.
  2. Seasonal themed: Offer seasonal tips and advice for winter, spring, summer and fall. They don’t all have to be dental-related—for instance, you could create a list of “10 Things to Do for Fall” like cleaning out rain gutters, planning Thanksgiving menu and making a dental appointment to use up any FSA or HSA funds before year-end.
  3. Holiday related: If you’re at a loss for a newsletter theme, just about every month of the year has a holiday you can use as inspiration. In February, for example, create a newsletter urging patients to love their smile by taking good care of their teeth. You could include tips for keeping breath kissably fresh, ideas for healthy Valentine’s Day treats that won’t promote tooth decay, a profile of a “Staff Member We Love,” and a discount or promotion to show patients how much you love and appreciate them.
  4. Q&A: Are there certain questions that your patients frequently ask you? Maybe it’s the best way to floss or how to get young children to brush their teeth before bed. Why not create an email newsletter that answers the most common patient questions? Brainstorm with your staff to come up with a list of the questions you hear over and over again or do a survey of your patients on social media to get ideas. Learn how to do a dental patient survey.
  5. New products or services: Have you recently added a cool new tool to your practice? Highlight it in your newsletter—but be sure to focus on the benefits for your patients, not on the features of the product itself. Patients don’t care that your nifty new intraoral scanners offer 3,000 FPS laser imaging and digital, powderless diagnostic scanning. They care that they can now get accurate impressions of their teeth made quickly without having bad-tasting impression material in their mouths.
  6. New staff members: Your staff is a huge factor in why patients are loyal to your practice. If a new hygienist, dentist or front desk employee joins the team, introduce them in your email newsletter. Share information about their qualifications, but also some fun stuff, like their hobbies, favorite sports teams or pets. Finding things in common with their dental providers helps build patient loyalty.
  7. Curate content: Not everything in your email newsletter has to be original to you. Have you read an interesting article or seen a cool video that would be useful to your patients? Explain what you like about it and then link to the original, being sure to credit the source. For example: “Are you worried you’re not using your electric toothbrush correctly? Check out this video from Sonicare to find out.”
  8. Fun facts: Share some interesting dental-related trivia or fun facts that patients may not know. You can also share trivia or “true or false” questions in your newsletter and include a link for patients to visit your website to find out the answer.
  9. Promotions and special offers: Are you having an exciting promotion such as half off tooth whitening or free X-rays? Your email newsletter is a great place to highlight it.
  10. Events: Of course, you’ll want to alert patients about any upcoming events at your practice. However, all types of events can be fodder for your newsletter. For example, if it’s National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month, you can write about how to get children to eat more vegetables and how fruits and vegetables help keep teeth healthy. Is it Administrative Assistants Week? For Earth Day, share ideas for reducing waste, like using biodegradable toothbrushes. Check out this calendar of special days to get ideas.

Now that you’re full of ideas, learn the basics on how to get started with an email newsletter. Lighthouse 360 makes it easy to create and send an email newsletter and group your patients into targeted lists. Find out how Lighthouse 360 can help with your email marketing.




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