The 7 Elements Every Dental Practice Website Needs

November 2, 2017 Rieva Lesonsky

When patients start the search for a new dentist, where do they turn first?  They grab their phones or sit down at the computer and do a search. That makes your dental practices website your biggest selling tool. Here are 7 elements every dental website needs to attract new patients.

1. Attractive, professional design

Like it or not, your websites appearance influences what patients and prospects think of your practice. If your website looks like your teenage nephew designed it, you won't exactly inspire confidence. Using a professional website design service helps ensure your site conveys the right image.

2. About Us page

Before going to a dentist's office, most people want to learn something about the person who's going to work on their teeth. Your About Us page is your opportunity to share your credentials, experience and philosophy of dental care. Include photos of you and your staff, with their credentials as well.

3. Contact information

Don't make prospective patients hunt all over your website to find your phone number or office address. Display essential info — phone number, address, email — at the top of your website and at the bottom of each page.

4. Call to action

What do you want prospects to do after visiting your website? Each page should have a call to action, such as "Call today to schedule a consultation," or "Find out what our patients are saying on Yelp.”

5. Mobile-friendly interface

For many prospective patients, the smartphone is their primary means of going online — or at least the first place they start. Your website should be designed with a mobile-first approach so it’s just as appealing and easy to use on a phone as it is on a desktop computer.

6. Appealing photos

Let's face it: Dentistry is a visual profession. Photos of patients before and after teeth whitening, dental implants, or caps will prove you help patients look their best. If you use Lighthouse 360, it's easy to upload your own photos and create galleries to show off the results of different treatments. Using diverse stock photos will make patients of all ages and backgrounds feel that they'd be welcome in your office.

7. Social proof

Social media and ratings or review sites serve as "social proof" — in other words, they show prospects what your patients think of you. Include links to your social media pages and reviews of your practice on your website. Lighthouse 360 lets you add social media posts and reviews from patients to Facebook right from the Lighthouse 360 portal. It also automatically collects patient reviews and posts the positive ones to popular review sites such as Yelp and Google.




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