Secrets of Marketing Your Dental Practice to Moms

January 31, 2017 Rieva Lesonsky

If there's one type of patient your office needs to target, it's mothers. Not only are mothers major decision-makers in family spending, they’re also typically the "chief caretaker," responsible for selecting healthcare providers and scheduling appointments for the entire family. Since moms are so essential in making healthcare decisions, how can your dental practice better market to them?

Don't stereotype. Today's moms are more diverse than ever before, likely more to be multicultural, Hispanic, single or divorced. She might stay at home, work outside the home or a little of both. Make sure your marketing materials, including the images on your practice’s website, brochures, and advertisements, reflect this diversity.

Be social. Moms of all ages are highly active on social media. While Facebook is the most popular platform, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram are close behind. (Instagram recently conducted research showing 68 percent of U.S. moms use Instagram daily.) Use targeted advertising on social media to reach out to mothers in your target market. Identify social media "influencers" — moms whose opinions carry a lot of weight with other moms—and build relationships with them to expand your customer base.

Use word-of-mouth. Moms trust what other moms think, making online reviews and ratings important sources of new business. Monitor your practice’s presence on online ratings and review sites, making sure you have plenty of positive reviews and responding quickly to anything negative. Lighthouse 360 makes it easy to add new posts and reviews to your Facebook page, too. You can even get your own page on to highlight your reviews.

Emphasize convenience. One thing all moms have in common: being super-busy. Your marketing to mothers should highlight all the ways your practice makes family dental care convenient for them. For example, with Lighthouse 360’s waitlist messaging feature, Mom can get on your waitlist and get real-time alerts when you have last-minute cancellations. You can also instantly send out bulk notices if a dentist needs to cancel that day’s appointments, so Mom doesn't waste her time hauling three cranky kids to your dental practice.

Make it mobile. Busy moms rely on their smartphones for everything from entertaining toddlers with YouTube videos to checking their email. Make sure your email marketing messages are mobile-friendly. Mom also uses her smartphone as a command center for the family’s schedule, and Lighthouse 360 has tons of convenient features that will make your practice stand out. For instance, you can automatically contact Mom when family members are due for a cleaning; send automatic appointment reminders; and confirm appointments via email, text or automated phone call — whichever she prefers.

Focus on her family. Emphasize that your practice is family-friendly. Highlight services for children, such as delicious-tasting fluoride treatments or TV channels tailored for kids’ interests. Try offering family or sibling discounts to appeal to mom. Kids today have a big say in the choices their parents make, so it's important to win over the children as well as their mothers. Because both moms and kids love online video, it can be a great marketing tool. Posting video of your staff at work, how-to videos or videos that highlight exciting new treatments you offer can get both moms and kids engaged. Lighthouse 360 lets you easily upload photos of happy patients so you can create photo galleries on your practice’s website, too.

Help her out.  Whether they’re on social media, on your website or reading your email newsletters, moms welcome information that helps them take better care of their children. For instance, you could write a blog post on 10 Tips for Teaching Toddlers to Brush or create a video that shows children how to floss. If you don't have time to create your own content, that's OK: Sharing and linking to others' content on social media (as long as they’re not your competitors) will get Mom’s attention.



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