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April 19, 2018 Rieva Lesonsky

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School graduations, wedding season and summer vacations are all around the corner. All of these are times when patients want to look their best — and that means plenty of opportunities for your dental practice. Teeth whitening alone is an $11 billion industry, and summer is a perfect time to get your share of that business.

Whether they're reuniting with loved ones they haven't seen for years, getting professional photos taken to commemorate a big event, or taking selfies atop the Eiffel Tower, patients have lots of reasons to focus on their appearance at this time of year. Here's how your dental practice can capitalize on that desire this summer.

Plan your promotions.

Before you build demand for cosmetic dentistry procedures, make sure you're prepared to handle it. Plan out what types of discounts or packages you will offer and how you will price them. Work on getting your staff up to speed on performing the procedures you're going to market. Increasing your efficiency will help you maximize the number of patients you can treat. Determine when the promotions will run, and make sure you will have enough staff on hand to meet demand. Finally, stock up on necessary supplies for the procedures.

Market to existing patients.

When your current patients come in for their regular hygiene appointments, ask them about their summer plans. Based on what you learn, you can then suggest cosmetic dentistry procedures that fit their needs. For example, if a patient tells you she's getting married this summer, it's a great time to suggest getting any caps, bonding or teeth whitening done now so she will look her best for the wedding photos. (Read more about marketing to millennials.) Is a patient with yellowed teeth excited about her 40-year high school reunion? One of the best ways to look younger is by getting your teeth whitened. Yellowed or damaged teeth have been shown to make people look older than they are, according to a study cited by the AACD. If patients show interest in a procedure but aren’t ready to commit at this time, ask them if they want to get on a mailing list to be notified about special offers.

Market your practice online with Lighthouse dental.

When patients are looking for a dentist to perform cosmetic procedures, the first place they turn to is other patients. In fact, referrals are the number-one source of new cosmetic dentistry patients, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. But these days, referrals don't have to come from friends and family members — online reviews of your practice can be just as effective in getting new patients in your door. Make it a habit to ask patients to review your practice on sites such as Yelp. Better yet, use Lighthouse dental software to automatically collect reviews from satisfied patients and post them on key online review sites. (Here are some more tips for marketing with referrals.)

Market your practice on social media with Lighthouse dental.

When it comes to marketing cosmetic dentistry services, a picture is worth a thousand words. Highlight before-and-after pictures of cosmetic dentistry patients on your website and social media accounts. Lighthouse dental software has an easy-to-use widget you can use to upload photos and build photo galleries on your website. Plus, it integrates with Facebook, so you can post photos and other content directly to Facebook from your Lighthouse portal.

Market your practice by email with Lighthouse dental.

In addition to telling your existing patients about your cosmetic dentistry offerings during their appointments, follow up with those who are on your email marketing list. Use Lighthouse dental software to sort your lists into people who have expressed interest in cosmetic dentistry in the past, and send them targeted emails using Lighthouse’s pre-designed email templates.

Market to new patients.

Cosmetic dentistry is a great entry point for new patients to start visiting your practice. Use online advertising with relevant keywords like "teeth whitening" or "tooth veneers" and special offers to attract visitors to your website. Be sure to promote your cosmetic dentistry services and any discounts or special offers on your website. Once you get those new patients in the door, Lighthouse Dental’s Patient FastTrack feature lets them register right on their smartphone, and even sign forms directly on their screen, making for a faster and more pleasant patient experience that will keep them coming back.

Learn more about getting new cosmetic dentistry patients.


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