New Year, New Practice: Dental Marketing Trends in 2017

January 12, 2017 Paul Mauer

The new year is a significant moment for your dental practice: it's an opportunity to clean the slate and get your marketing efforts, patient satisfaction, and finances back on track. 

Here are key marketing trends that cutting edge dentists need to embrace for 2017:

Getting found online is a bit different this time around 

Beefing up your web presence with search-friendly content like helpful blog articles and shareable images has been a mainstay of local SEO (that's "local search engine optimization" – ranking high on Google in your area) for years – and of course, it still is. However, 2017 will see Google moving even further towards 'mobile' websites.

To make a complex algorithm simple: if your website isn't easy or enjoyable for a patient to read on their phone, Google will penalize you by pushing you to page 2 or beyond. 

So how can you tell if your website is 'mobile friendly'? Google has an amazing tool – all you have to do is drop in the URL of your website in to their app and it will diagnose your website and offer helpful solutions. 

Postcards are the new silver bullet 

Direct mail – another term for mailers like flyers and post cards – have long been the red-headed stepchild of the dental marketing world.

But with email spam rates rising and junk mail decreasing (as mailing companies find it less profitable), dental practices who send postcards out are seeing massive increases in recall appointments: our dental customers that send recall postcards have an average increase of 22 more recall appointments each month than customers who do not.

Reaching out to patients with postcards in tandem with your email can be a massive boon to your business. 

Text over Phone or Email

This tip is less about marketing and more about patient satisfaction, but it's important all the same. As your practice sees an increasing amount of millennials, you'll find the preferred mode of communication leaning away from voice phone calls and emails to text messages. 

In 2017, your office manager should be empowered with a patient communication system that allows you to blast patients through email OR text. 

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