How to Market Cosmetic Dentistry to Job Seekers

May 17, 2018 Rieva Lesonsky

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Millions of new college graduates are being unleashed on the job market this month. Even though unemployment rates are low, it's still a competitive world out there for job seekers. That makes job seekers — from recent grads to older people — the perfect candidates for cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Consider this: Nearly half of adults (48%) say that after first meeting someone, a smile is what they remember most. (By comparison, just 25% believe what the person says is most memorable.) Despite the importance of a beautiful smile, one-third of adults aged 18 to 34 are reluctant to smile because they're not happy with their teeth, Forbes reports.

At the other end of the spectrum, 40% of Americans 55 and older are still working or looking for work, CNBC reports.  In order to stay competitive in a workforce full of millennials, these older workers are working hard to stay looking young.

How to market to job seekers

As summer kicks off, why not kick off a marketing campaign targeting those of your patients who are looking for work? Try these marketing tactics.

Launch an email marketing campaign. The Lighthouse patient communication tools make it easy to do. You can group your patients into custom lists and create targeted emails offering information about cosmetic dentistry procedures. For example, new college graduates (or their parents) could get an email with 10 tips for a successful job search (including the importance of looking your best) and information about your current cosmetic dentistry specials. For those over 55, send a targeted email with tips about staying healthy and youthful as you age, plus a special offer on teeth whitening procedures.

Incorporate the power of photos. Nothing sells cosmetic dentistry like before-and-after photos. With Lighthouse 360, it's easy to create photo galleries on your practice’s website. You can use stock photos, but it’s much more effective to show off the real results of your most successful cosmetic dentistry patients. (Be sure to get your patients' permission, of course.) Encourage patients to take a look at your photo gallery to see what these procedures can do for them.

Share it on social media. The over-55 crowd is active on Facebook, while 18-to-34-year-olds spend lots of time on Instagram. Get their attention on their chosen social media networks by sharing photos that display gorgeous smiles (thanks to your cosmetic dentistry procedures). You can even create short videos showing how treatments work so prospective patients will see how easy it is to get the results they want. Link back to a landing page about your cosmetic dentistry services. The Lighthouse patient communication app integrates directly with Facebook so you can post right from the Lighthouse portal. (Find more tips on marketing cosmetic dentistry.)

How to seal the deal

When patients show interest in your cosmetic dentistry offerings, follow these steps:

Be prepared. Make sure your front desk staff is well informed about the cosmetics industry procedures you offer, including common objections that patients may have. That way, they'll be able to answer questions when interested patients call.

Get the appointment. If a patient shows interest in cosmetic dentistry, get them in for a consultation as quickly as possible. It’s a good idea to leave some time in your schedule each day for these appointments during your cosmetic dentistry marketing campaign. (Learn more about managing your schedule.)

Be helpful. It can take a while for patients to make the decision to go through with a procedure. Lighthouse patient communication tools let you text, email and call patients quickly and easily, so you can keep the conversation about cosmetic dentistry going.


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