Family Dentistry: Fullproof Ways to Convince Parents that Pediatric Dentistry is Important

December 15, 2016 Paul Mauer

Did you know that the population of the US has grown by more than 18 million in the last ten years alone? As birth rates among millennials increases, family dentistry is becoming bigger than ever. Unfortunately, many new parents undervalue the importance of pediatric dentistry.

While baby teeth are designed to fall out, many parents don't realize that dental care for children should start much earlier than 5 or 6. In fact, parents are often surprised to learn that tooth decay is the most common chronic infectious disease in children .

We've consulted office managers across America to share the most effective methods on educating new families about the importance of early dental care:

Email Follow-Ups and Newsletters: Email is an office manager's best friend: you can support your dentists treatment planned with follow-up reminders or send monthly education blasts to push new treatments.

To encourage pediatric dentistry treatments, sprinkle your blasts with "Did You Know" facts: for instance, did you know that baby teeth falling out too early result in crooked adult teeth that takes years of expensive braces and retainers to correct?

Waiting Room Signage: Parents often find themselves spending time in the waiting room before they're seen. Consider supplementing your magazines and TVs with some reading materials and signage educating your patients about family dentistry and the importance of getting their child seen early. 

You can either hire a designer or whip something together yourself in Microsoft Word or Photoshop – either way, you'll get people educated... and curious.

Make It A Goal: When large banks have sales initiatives for new credit cards, they instruct each teller to mention the product at least once in conversation. This can be a slight inconvenience for the teller, but hey – they open a lot of new credit cards this way!

Consider making it a goal for your front desk team to acknowledge your practice's specialty in family and pediatric dentistry to every couple you see – kids or no kids. Over time, you're sure to see a noticeable impact from these conversations.


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