How to Attract More Families to Your Practice

August 9, 2018 Karen Axelton

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Every time your practice gets a new patient, it’s good news. Getting a whole family as patients is even better. Once you land Mom or Dad as a patient, all it takes is some smart marketing to attract all of the kids (and maybe even Grandma) to your practice, too.

How can you attract more family members to your practice? Try these tips.

Target Mom

In most families, Mom is still the one who manages all the kids' dental appointments—and sometimes even her husband’s. She might also be driving Grandma and Grandpa to their dentist. Consolidating all that activity into one dental practice will save her time, something that’s sure to appeal.

If Mom is your new patient, show her how your practice makes scheduling appointments simple and saves her tons of time. For example, Lighthouse 360 automates patient recall, so parents are automatically contacted when the kids are due for their regular hygiene appointments. Lighthouse 360 also automates patient reminders so frazzled parents don't have to worry about forgetting their children's appointments. You can use email, text or automated phone calls to send reminders and receive patient confirmations. With the Family Messaging feature, you can send one, convenient confirmation message to Mom if she’s bringing several family members in one visit.


Get attention by reaching out to moms on social media. Nearly 90% of US mothers are social network users, and nine in 10 of those use Facebook. Social media is especially important to parents of younger children as a source of information and advice. Lighthouse 360 makes it easy to add posts, photos, and online reviews to your practice’s Facebook account directly from the Lighthouse 360 portal.

Use word of mouth

Using referrals is another smart way to attract families. Parents talk to other parents to find local service providers. Encourage referrals by offering incentives, such as a gift card or discount, in exchange for any referral that becomes a new patient. (Many parents are millennials, so check out these tips for marketing to millennials.)

Speed it up

When a new family visits your practice for the first time, use Lighthouse 360’s Patient FastTrack feature to speed them through registration. That way, parents won't have to waste time corralling fussy kids in your waiting room. There’s no need to fill out a stack of papers: patients can fill out FastTrack forms right on their phones—something the nine in 10 mothers who are smartphone users will appreciate.

Engage with email

Keep patient families engaged with your practice through email marketing. Work emails, promotional emails, emails about the children's school events — moms have many reasons for checking their email frequently. Create targeted emails with tips for family dental care, such as how to encourage young children to brush, preventing bad breath tips for teens, or dental issues affecting seniors. Use Lighthouse 360 to easily create and send targeted emails to customized patient lists. (Always get written permission from patients to send them emails first.)

Make it mobile

Since the smartphone is now the main device through which many mothers go online, make sure your email marketing messages are mobile-friendly. When you use Lighthouse 360’s email templates, you can be sure your messages will display properly on any device.

It’s all about marketing to mothers when it comes to attracting families. Win Mom’s heart, and her family is sure to follow, becoming loyal patients, too.

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