Are These 5 Mistakes Costing Your Dental Practice Money?

June 29, 2017 Rieva Lesonsky

The world of dentistry is getting more competitive — making it increasingly important to maximize your practices productivity and efficiency. Unfortunately, too many dental practices fall victim to some common mistakes that keep them from reaching their full potential. Are these five mistakes costing your practice money?

  1. You aren’t reminding patients of appointments effectively. Everyone forgets things, and it's no wonder patients forget appointments they may have scheduled three or six months in advance. Reduce the number of missed appointments with a tool like Lighthouse 360. It automates your appointment reminders so your front desk staff doesn't have to remember to manually remind patients.
  2. You aren't confirming appointments. Sending a reminder is only half the job. You've also got to confirm that the patient received the reminder and is planning to keep the appointment. Lighthouse 360 makes confirmations a snap — you'll get email, text and automated phone conversations sent directly to your practice’s PMS so your staff doesn't have to manually update the system.
  3. You've got too many last-minute cancellations. Appointment reminders and confirmations can drastically reduce no-shows and cancellations, but some last-minute cancellations are still inevitable. When you use Lighthouse 360’s Fill-In feature, you can quickly fill those slots. Fill-In automatically detects last-minute cancellations in your schedule and reaches out to only those patients who have expressed interest in getting appointments ASAP. Your front desk staff doesn't have to flip through a messy list and make a bunch of phone calls — and you can fill your chairs without missing a beat.
  4. Your front desk isn't maximizing their time. With so many tasks on your front desk team’s plate, it’s sometimes hard for them to know where to start. Create a daily task list to help. Lighthouse 360 automatically creates task lists using "smart recommendations" and sends them to you every morning so your team can get right to work on what matters most.
  5. You aren’t collecting reviews from satisfied patients. Online ratings and reviews of your dental practice are key to attracting new patients and building your reputation. But with so much to do each day, you may forget to ask for reviews. That’s why Lighthouse 360 automatically collects reviews from patients and posts the positive ones to important review sites like Yelp and Google+.
  6. You're missing out on return treatments. Patients may agree to treatments while in the office and even schedule the appointment, but then change their minds or get nervous about the procedure. Remind them of the importance of follow-up treatment with Lighthouse 360 — just turn on the automatic reminder messaging, and individual patients get reminders of their scheduled treatments.

Now that your front desk staff isn't spending all day making phone calls, updating your PMS and trying to fill canceled appointments, they’ll have more time to spend managing your practice’s social media accounts to build relationships with new and existing patients. Speed up that task, too, with Lighthouse 360-- it's integrated with Facebook so your team can easily add photos and reviews to your Facebook Page from within the Lighthouse 360 portal.

Correcting these five mistakes is easy with Lighthouse 360 — and can make a huge difference in your practices profitability.


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