8 Year-End Marketing Tips for Dentists

December 20, 2017 Rieva Lesonsky

The year is drawing to an end, but there’s still time to attract new business and boost your profits. Help close out 2017 with a bang by promoting your practice with these year-end marketing tactics.

  1. Contact parents of children who are due for appointments. Point out that if they schedule the appointments during the school holidays, they won’t have to rush to get Junior to the dentist in the limited office hours after school. They can schedule the appointment any time of day that’s convenient. You can use the “family messaging” feature of Lighthouse 360 to contact parents of multiple patients with one message.
  2. Send holiday greetings. A holiday greeting card or email is not just a time-honored way to show your patients you appreciate their business—it’s also a great marketing tool. Use Lighthouse 360 to create email messages you can send to targeted lists of patients.
  3. Capitalize on vanity. Your patients want to look their best when visiting family they haven’t seen in a while, socializing or attending holiday parties. Why not offer a special on tooth whitening or other cosmetic dentistry procedures to get patients in the door before January 1?
  4. Promote your practice on social media. People are highly active on social media during the holidays because they want to see what friends and family are doing, share their activities and get gift ideas. Make sure your practice’s organic social media presence stays strong during the holidays, and invest in social media advertising to bring your practice to more people’s attention. Lighthouse 360 makes it easy to update your Facebook page right from the app’s portal, so you save time while marketing your business.
  5. Encourage patients to refer others to your practice. Hold a contest and enter every patient who refers a friend into a drawing to win a prize. Reward patients who make referrals with a gift card if the person they refer makes and keeps an appointment.
  6. Promote expanded hours during the holidays. To make up for the days your office will be closed during the holidays, offer extra hours before the holidays. Update your website and send emails to let patients know about the holiday schedule, and encourage them to make appointments in advance to prevent last-minute scheduling problems.
  7. Urge patients to use up their insurance benefits before year-end. Now is the time to take advantage of insurance benefits or use up funds in Health Savings Accounts before they expire. If a patient needs a costly procedure, suggest that they complete as much of the treatment as their insurance will cover this year by December 31, then finish the treatment in 2018 when new benefits kick in.
  8. Maximize your online reviews. Make sure your online reviews and ratings shine—they’re how new patients find you. Lighthouse 360 automatically collects reviews from your patients and posts the positive reviews to popular sites like Yelp and Google. You even get your own page on RateABiz.com to showcase reviews and help boost your practice’s rank in search results.
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