3 Secrets to Attracting More Cosmetic Dentistry Patients

December 30, 2019 Karen Axelton

Cosmetic dentistry can be a high-profit area for your practice—and in our increasingly image-conscious society, it’s highly appealing to patients, too. Nearly nine in 10 patients say teeth whitening would improve their self-esteem; more than 40% say dental veneers or implants would do so.

Ramping up your cosmetic dentistry offerings can benefit both your patients and your bottom line. Use these marketing tips to attract and serve more cosmetic dentistry patients.

Choose the right time of year

Cosmetic dentistry can be expensive and, since it’s not medically necessary, procedures have to compete with any other discretionary spending patients may be considering. You can boost your chances of getting patients to schedule cosmetic dentistry treatment by promoting it more actively at certain times of year.

A study by the JC Morgan Chase Healthcare Out-of-Pocket Spending Panel (JPMCI HOSP) shows that consumers spend more on healthcare in March, April, October and December than any other time of year. That’s because they tend to have more funds available in March and April, when tax refunds are issued, and in December, when many people get year-end bonuses. (The study’s authors theorize that open enrollment for health insurance may account for higher spending in October.)

Target the right market

Certain age groups are more likely to be interested in cosmetic dentistry than others. American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry data shows people aged 31 to 50 account for the largest share of industry revenue, IBISWorld reports. To reach this key group, create segmented email lists of patients in the target age range. Lighthouse 360 lets you easily create customized emails that you can send to these patients to promote your cosmetic dentistry services.

People who are actively looking for jobs, anticipating a big event such as a wedding, or going through a life change such as a divorce also more likely to be open to cosmetic dentistry services. You can take note of these factors during conversations with patients and, if the time is right, suggest how cosmetic dentistry might benefit them. (Get more tips on how to market cosmetic dentistry to job seekers.)

Show social proof

When people aren’t sure about a decision they’re trying to make, following the crowd can help them feel more comfortable with their choice. Using your satisfied cosmetic dentistry patients as proof that your cosmetic dentistry treatments get results is far more effective than trying to persuade patients yourself.

Whenever possible, direct prospective cosmetic dentistry patients to check out what others have said about your services. This can include posting before-and-after photos of patients on your website or social media (being sure to get their permission first) or asking patients for testimonials you can share on your website or social media.

Ask happy patients to write online reviews about your cosmetic dentistry treatments. Lighthouse 360 makes that easy to do with a feature that helps you get more Google reviews. In fact, Lighthouse 360 customers report an average 48% increase in patient reviews as a result of using the software. (Learn more about how to get more online reviews.)

Don’t forget about the power of referrals—they’re an especially valuable type of social proof. After you’ve completed a cosmetic dentistry treatment on a satisfied patient, remind them to spread the word to any friends or family members who might be interested in the same treatment.

Cosmetic dentistry is growing in popularity among patients – and with a little effort on your part, it can also be a growing part of your dental practice’s income. By taking advantage of the three secrets above, you can give your practice an advantage in attracting patients who are seeking a more attractive smile.

Get more ideas for marketing cosmetic dentistry services.

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